Nashwaaksis Y Service Club

About the Nashwaaksis Y Service Club

The Nashwaaksis Y Service Club has served Fredericton North for over 50 years, focusing on the local community.

 In 2013, the club voted to change its name from the Nashwaaksis Y's Men's Club to the Nashwaaksis Y Service Club in order to be more reflective of our membership, which now consists of both men and women members. 

Our membership is 77. Many of our volunteers are 'Y'sers,' who are mostly retired members that have been involved with the club over the years and continue to help.

Over the years, the club has supported building many ball fields, tennis courts, swimming pools and playgrounds in the area. The club has also supported and sponsored a variety of boys and girls sports programs such as hockey, basketball, ringette, baseball, and other sports groups. The club has sponsored music programs such as the junior pipe band, elementary, middle and high school music programs. As well as other social programs such as Park St School's Youth at Risk, therapeutic horseback riding, Brendon Oreto Needy Kids Program, Fredericton Food Bank, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Safe Grad - the list goes on and on.

We partner with many youth groups and sports teams. They help us staff the canteen and assist at the monthly community fundraising breakfasts.

Although our main focus is positively impacting community youth, Club members also volunteer to drive seniors on a weekly basis.

In 1961, the club started by building and maintaining an outdoor hockey rink at Park Street School. This was so successful, that the Nashwaaksis Recreation Council was established shortly after. The council consisted of community members, most were 'Y's Men'. The Nashwaaksis Y Service Club was born in efforts to provide funding and bring community groups together to make a difference.

In 1963, a second outdoor rink was opened at McAdam Avenue School. This rink was operated by a number of groups: 'Y's Men', churches, youth groups and more. Each group took turns weekly to maintain and operate the rink. For the past two and a half years, both rinks were supported by staff of the former Village of Nashwaaksis.

The demand soon outgrew the facilities and the idea of building an enclosed arena was born. In the fall of 1968, the Nashwaaksis Arena was operational. It officially opened in the spring of 1969. The former Mayor of Nashwaaksis, Ralph Gill and Council recognized the Nashwaaksis Y Service Club as the primary proponent of the building of the arena. To acknowledge the club's efforts, the Village Council awarded us the upstairs to be used as a club meeting hall and community room. The club was also awarded the arena canteen which would be operated by members and volunteers. This gave the Nashwaaksis Y Service Club a way to continue fundraising for the community, which is continued today. 

In 2007, the Mayor and City Council of the City of Fredericton recognized the role the club still has in our community. They did so by allowing the club to use Willie O'Ree Place on Cliffe Street as our club headquarters and to continue to manage and operate the arena canteen.

As an additional fundraiser, we also now offer a community breakfast every fourth Saturday of each month from September to April, except for December, at Willie O'Ree Place. Besides the canteen and community breakfasts, our other major fundraisers are the arena board advertising at Willie O'Ree Place and selling Christmas trees in the Main Street Home Hardware parking lot - an activity the club has been doing for years.